Laura Lehmann is Miss World Philippines 2017.

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Laura Lehmanns real name

Her real name is Laura Victoria Lehmann.

Laura Lehmann age and birth info

Laura Lehmann is 28 years old. She was born on July 16, 1994 in Makati, Philippines

Laura Lehmanns nationality is unknown. According to our sources Her place of residence is Manila, Philippines with Philippines citizenship.

Laura Lehmanns height and weight

Find out newest information about Laura Lehmanns height and weight:

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: unknown.

Where did Laura Lehmann go to high school/college?

Laura Lehmann went to Ateneo de Manila University

What is Her horoscope sign?

According to the astrology, the position of the planets when we were born affects our whole life in a specific way. To be better prepared for what’s to come many believe in horoscope. Stars have been affectionate to Laura Lehmann, whose zodiac sign is Cancer.

Social networks profiles

Youtube popularity

Laura Lehmann joined YouTube on Sep 25, 2016. From that time Laura Lehmanns profile accumulated more than 117 views and number of subscribers is 0.

Laura Lehmanns parents

Laura Victoria Lehmann is a daughter of Candy.

Her mother name is Candy.

Was Laura Lehmann married in the past? Is She currently married?

As per our research Laura Lehmann was not married. Her last known partner is Von Pessumal.

Laura Lehmanns body and other characteristics

  • Is Laura Lehmann a smoker: unknown
  • Does She have other nicknames: laura lehmann
  • Is She convicted: unknown
  • Meme: unknown
  • Favorite games: unknown
  • Religion: unknown
  • Laura Lehmanns signature: unknown
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: black
  • Laura Lehmanns dress size: unknown
  • Laura Lehmanns shoe size: unknown
  • Measurements: unknown
  • Sexual orientation: straight