Famous YouTuber and singer/songwriter known as Lil Drip started his rise on social media on the broadcasting platform called YouNow five years ago. In the time being, he came a long way and became a very popular social media sensation.

Since his real name is Adym Alyxander Yorba, a sensible thing to do was to use a pseudonym for social media accounts. YouTube channel he got famous for is called Its Ricco tho, with over 1.3 million subscribers. Adym mostly makes prank videos, challenges, ASMR videos, daily vlogs, life updates, etc. Some of the most popular videos on this channel are: I Finally Asked Her to be My Girlfriend, WHO KNOWS ME BETTER?Unable to render embedded object: File (, WE'RE HAVING A BABY PRANK) not found. ON MY MOM! etc. His brother Sawyer also has a YouTube channel called Muhnday. 

YouTube channel he made for fans of his music is called Lil Drip, with over 214 thousand subscribers. He has an amazing voice and sings mostly rap and hip-hop. Some of Lil Drip’s best songs are Bxnnie & Clxde, Out In Malibu, I Need You, I Married Jaime, Run Out, etc.

A few months back, Adym started a channel with his girlfriend Angie, called by their ship name Adie. His girlfriend’s YouTube is Hello Langie. Adym currently lives with his girlfriend Angie in LA. They have been close friends for three years, and three months ago, they announced that they together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Since their channels have a lot of prank videos, fans had a hard time believing them, but it turns out that they are a real couple. Since Angie has a YouTube channel, they often film prank videos on each other.

He suffers from depression and bipolar disorder. But, his overall health condition is getting better since he quit smoking and doing drugs. Using nicotine, weed, and alcohol for four years, as a means for coping with difficulties in life brought him to the point that he had to do something about his lung problem. Although he still drinks, a few months back he managed to get rid of nicotine and drug addiction in just three weeks. 

He likes tattoos and has over 25, and plans to get even more done. The first tattoo he got was a California sign on his forearm because he was born and raised there. Some of his other tattoos are a half-finished lion on his shoulder because his father has the same one, lion pineapple on his neck, 1996 year on his right-hand fingers, as his year of birth. He likes to stand out and look for something different so he has tattooed on his hand logo of an app YouNow, crab, rose, owl, beaver, spiders web, a cartoon character, etc. Adym also has nose piercings and paints his nails occasionally. He changes his hairstyles pretty often and changes his hair color from pink, red, blue, even green.

You can follow him on Instagram @realildrip and @ therealriccotho.

Nicknames: Pineapple boy, last man

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Lil Drips real name

His real name is Adym Alyxander Yorba.

Lil Drip age and birth info

Lil Drip is 26 years old. He was born on June 24, 1996 in Sacramento, CA, United States

Lil Drips nationality is American. According to our sources His place of residence is Los Angeles, CA, United States with American citizenship.

Lil Drips height and weight

Find out newest information about Lil Drips height and weight:

Height: 177cm

Weight: 70kg.

How much money does Lil Drip have?

Lil Drip has a promising career as Musical artist. According to various sources like Wikipedia, net worth portals, and financial portals estimated net worth of Lil Drip is $5 million.

Where did Lil Drip go to high school/college?

Lil Drip went to homeschooled

What is His horoscope sign?

According to the astrology, the position of the planets when we were born affects our whole life in a specific way. To be better prepared for what’s to come many believe in horoscope. Stars have been affectionate to Lil Drip, whose zodiac sign is Cancer.

Social networks profiles

Youtube popularity

Lil Drip joined YouTube on Dec 18, 2016. From that time Lil Drips profile accumulated more than 3,205,922 views and number of subscribers is 208,987.

Was Lil Drip married in the past? Is He currently married?

As per our research Lil Drip was not married. His last known partner is unknown.


Here are some of Lil Drips selected songs.

  • No Bloopers
  • Dreary
  • Sunset Sandwich
  • I Married Jamie
  • Like a Cheetah
  • Nights With Cognac
  • Crippled Emotions
  • Hot Cheetos & Backwoods - Single

His music genre is rap, hip hop.

Lil Drips body and other characteristics

  • Is Lil Drip a smoker: unknown
  • Does He have other nicknames: lil drip
  • Is He convicted: unknown
  • Meme: unknown
  • Favorite games: unknown
  • Religion: unknown
  • Lil Drips signature: unknown
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: brown
  • Lil Drips dress size: unknown
  • Lil Drips shoe size: unknown
  • Measurements: unknown
  • Sexual orientation: straight

Lil Drips tattoo images

Lil Drips tattoo image