Graham Stephan is more than a famous YouTuber he is, an influencer, and realtor. He became a millionaire at 26. Here is his story.
Graham Stephan was born on April 22, 1990, in Santa Monica, California. He has a house in Los Angeles and several other properties that he rents. Graham’s path toward success started when he turned 18 and decided not to go to college. Instead, he got his Real Estate Licence online and started with leasing properties mostly by putting ads on Craigslist. Later on, he managed to become a full-time realtor, and by the age of 26, he earned two million in commission. He currently works as a realtor at The Oppenheim Group.
According to him, the most important thing that you need to succeed is to believe in yourself. With this thought, he started his YouTube channel, and in three years he managed to make monthly income around $100,000. This income comes from ads, views, sponsored content, etc. He has two YouTube channels with an incredible 1.4 million subscribers on his main channel. And 280k subscribers on The Graham Stephan Show channel, where he films reactions on how famous people on YouTube spend their money.
Graham Stephan makes videos, on his main channel, about earning and saving money to make money. He covers the subject of business, personal finance, and investing. He covers a specific topic with desirable content for high paying ads.
He also gives tips on how to spend money, for example, he still shops in H&M, even though he earns seven figures a year. Also, he is sort of famous by 20 cent coffee he makes at home, instead of buying the coffee at Starbucks. Some might call him cheap, but he calls himself frugal.    
One of the luxuries he allows himself is the cars. The first car he bought, with money he earned, was 2008 Lotus Exige S240. And right now, he is the proud owner of Tesla Model 3.
Concerning his private life, he recently started living with his girlfriend. They started dating at the beginning of 2019. There is ongoing mistery about her name. Graham Stephan refers to her as Graham's Girlfriend. Based on that, she opened Instagram account @unofficial_gigi and started her own YouTube channel called Savannah Smiles. He also has a cat called Ramsey.

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Graham Stephan age and birth info

Graham Stephan is 32 years old. He was born on April 22, 1990 in Santa Monica, California

Graham Stephans nationality is unknown. According to our sources His place of residence is LA, California with unknown citizenship.

Graham Stephans height and weight

Find out newest information about Graham Stephans height and weight:

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown.

How much money does Graham Stephan have?

Graham Stephan has a promising career as youtuber. According to various sources like Wikipedia, net worth portals, and financial portals estimated net worth of Graham Stephan is approx $10 million.

What is His horoscope sign?

According to the astrology, the position of the planets when we were born affects our whole life in a specific way. To be better prepared for what’s to come many believe in horoscope. Stars have been affectionate to Graham Stephan, whose zodiac sign is Taurus.

Social networks profiles

Youtube popularity

Graham Stephan joined YouTube on 24 Dec 2016. From that time Graham Stephans profile accumulated more than 102,761,491 views and number of subscribers is 1.42m.

Was Graham Stephan married in the past? Is He currently married?

As per our research Graham Stephan was not married. His last known partner is Graham's Girlfriend.

Graham Stephans body and other characteristics

  • Is Graham Stephan a smoker: unknown
  • Does He have other nicknames: unknown
  • Is He convicted: unknown
  • Meme: unknown
  • Favorite games: unknown
  • Religion: unknown
  • Graham Stephans signature: unknown
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: brown
  • Graham Stephans dress size: unknown
  • Graham Stephans shoe size: unknown
  • Measurements: unknown
  • Sexual orientation: straight