Jeffree Star is a well-known name in the beauty community that doesn’t need an introduction. Nevertheless, some people might describe him as an influencer on social media networks whose popularity only grows bigger over time. He is also an owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a company that sold over $150 million worth of lipsticks and accessories last year alone. Having a large following on YouTube (over 16.4 million and nearly 2 billion views) gave him an additional push to success. Since Jeffree’s videos are mostly about reviewing different makeup brands, it’s clear that he knows a thing or two about cosmetics. Learn more about this controversial person, his personal life, family, boyfriend, feuds, net worth, surgeries, and more.

There are a few significant events that led him to this point in life. He was born on November 15th, 1985 in Orange County, California. His real name was Jeffrey Lynn Steininger. But ten years ago, he legally changed his name to Jeffrey Star. His childhood was troublesome, to say the least. Jeffree’s father Jeff took his own, life when he was only six years old. This took a toll on his entire life. His mother and grandparents raised him. His mother struggled to make ends meet, and she was drinking and dealt with drugs. In the meantime, Jeffree was in a dark place psychologically.

Recently, he admitted to his best friend and fellow YouTuber, Shane Dawson, in a video that he used to hurt himself with razors. The reason for this behavior was the inability to process what he was feeling or didn't feel anything at all. Because of that, he has thousands of scars all over his body. That is one of the reasons his whole body is covered with tattoos. Growing up, he was into wearing all black, punk style. He was wearing makeup since he was twelve years old. He finished Pacifica High School at age 17. After high school, he moved to LA. His uncle, Phil, and aunt Laurie played an important role in his life. After his uncle Phil past away, Jeffree presented his aunt as his mother to the public. He often disagreed with his mother and didn’t speak with her for ten years. That changed in 2018 when he decided to contact her. At that moment, he found out that she was homeless for almost four years. Since then, they are trying to build their relationship all over again, and bury old disagreements.

If you haven’t watched any Jeffree Star videos, and wonder what is so special about him, here are a few things he did to change the way he looks. The first thing noticeable is surely a full face of makeup. His personal preference is the absence of eyebrows, even though he sometimes has them lined as part of the makeup look. In his early career as a musician, he had a problem with his teeth. They were not aligned properly, and he had to have them reconstructed. This might be obvious, but he has fillers in his lips. Jeffree also admitted to having two surgeries. One is hair transplant surgery, and the second is health-related. Jeffree has a condition that makes his chewing difficult, so he needed his esophagus widened. This type of surgery he will have to undergo again in a few years.

An interesting fact is that almost his whole body is covered with tattoos. There is a possibility that Jeffree Star is addicted to tattoos. Many of his tattoos did his former friend and artist Kat Von D. On his chest, there are some famous faces, such as Kurt Cobain, Audrey Hepburn, and Elvis Presley. Some of the words he tattooed are redrum, fame, cats meow, honey, delicious, etc. Jeffree decided to overcome his fears by doing tattoos on his body. Since he is allergic to bees, he has a bumblebee tattooed on his neck. His second major fear is the fear of sharks, so he has a shark tattoo on his stomach. He also has a painting of Mona Lisa tattooed because it looks like she has no eyebrows. Kat Von D is the artist behind these tattoos. His friend Rayan did the tattoo of Patrick Bateman. Jeffree Star is a fan of Batman, so it is not surprising that he had Michelle Pfeiffer as a cat woman tattooed on his arm. And he has many, many more…

Jeffree Star first became famous on MySpace. With millions of followers, he called himself The King of MySpace. At that time, he used harsh language, was very angry, depressed. He lashed out on anybody who had an opinion about his looks, or the way of life. It’s a little known fact that Jeffree Star had a music career before becoming a success on YouTube. For nine years, he was with Popsicle Records as his label. Some of his songs are Beauty Killer, Prom night, Blush, I'm In Love, etc. A potential breakthrough for his career was signing a contract with Akon. But after the scandal that followed Akon, Jeffree’s career sunk too. Maybe that was for the best because now Jeffree is insanely rich, and can revisit his musical career any time he wants.

Jeffree Star is often a center of feuds and scandals. He had a very public dispute with Kat Von D, with whom he had been a friend since 2007. She even did a major part of his tattoos. Even though they didn’t hang out that much lately, Jeffree considered her a close friend. As Jeffree was trying to launch his first eyeshadow palette, Kat publicly accused him of stealing ideas from Too Faced makeup brand and not paying the man who designs his logo for the product. Jeffree explained in a video what happened with massages from Kat. After this incident, it was clear that he had to end his friendship with Kat.

The latest feud he had was with James Charles. Jeffree tweeted that James is a danger to society and that he was banned from their house by Nathan, Jeffree's boyfriend. The reason was supposedly James Charles’s predatory behavior toward Nathan's younger brother Zach and few other straight guys. Epilog of this feud was, however, a positive one. James Charles managed to clear his name and actions, and he got an appropriate apology from Jeffree Star.

One of the other scandals that followed Jeffree Star was him saying racists comments to other people. This was back in his MySpace time. Since then, he has changed his public image and is in a much happier place now. He justified this incident by saying that he had to defend himself because of the way he looks. Nevertheless, later on, he made an apology video that most of the affected people appreciated. Let's hope he will learn from his mistakes and move on from unnecessary scandals.

Jeffree Star often collaborates on YouTube with makeup artists Nicole Faulkner aka @lipsticknick, and Mitchell aka @mmmmitchell. He also collaborated on YouTube with Laura Lee, Manny MUA, Tati Westbrook, Tana Mongeau, The Dolan Twins, and others. He met Shane Dawson aka @shane a year ago, when he did a series about him on YouTube. Since then, they are close friends. Jeffree even helped Shane to design his on eyeshadow palette trough his company that is coming out soon called Conspiracy Collection. His former friend James Charles, and many others would agree that Jeffree goes fast trough friendships. The reason might be his trust issues because people tend to take advantage of his fame and money.  

Jeffree met his current boyfriend Nathan Schwandt on Instagram, in late 2014. After a few months of messaging, they met and had an instant connection. They had a long-distance relationship for some time because Nathan lived with his parents in Wyoming, Michigan. Since March 2015, they are officially together. Nathan likes to skateboard and is a weed user since he turned 14. An interesting fact is that he only dated girls before Jeffree Star. They currently live in their house in Calabasas, California. They are subject to constant discussion because people try to figure out their relationship. They seem very happy together, and loyal to each other, despite some fun they have on their travels. They trust each other enough that they are enjoying in threesomes occasionally. Even though they met before Jeffree’s major success, some people try to hint that Nathan has shady reasons for a relationship with him. Before he met Nathan, Jeffree Star has been single for seven years. He had random hookups, and even at one point was an escort. In the near future, Jeffree and Nathan don’t plan on getting married or having kids. They, however, have six dogs named: Delicious, Drama, Daddy, Diva, Diamond, and DaVinci. Sadly, four months ago Diamond past away, and a month ago they lost Daddy too.

If you wonder about Jeffree Star net worth, and how did he earn all that money, here is the information you need. Jeffree Star is not only an influencer on social media, a famous YouTuber, an Instagram star, a name for a brand, but he is also quite the businessman.

Jeffree Star is CEO and the owner of the well-known brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics that makes long wear, vegan and cruelty-free makeup. Some of their best selling products are Lip Ammunition, Jawbreaker Palette, Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette, Mystery box, etc. He owns all the back businesses too. For example, he owns a warehouse from where is all that makeup shipped to their customers. That warehouse alone has over one hundred workers. One of the workers there is also his boyfriend Nathan.

Besides his huge cosmetic business, he and his boyfriend have started growing weed business. Jeffree has invested in at least ten businesses that have no connection with makeup at all. He is also an owner of the clothing line Beauty Forever by Jeffree Star. A few of his praised possessions are luxurious cars. For example, he owns custom-built pink Lamborgini, that has even embroidered Jeffree’s logo on his seats, and was worth around $375 thousand. Believe it or not, he also owns pink Tesla, Bentley, Rolls Royce Wraith, BARBIE BMW i8, and the latest addition to his collection is a yellow Aston Martin Vantage. This car was a gift for his boyfriend Nathan. He also likes to collect art and bags that cost like real art pieces. One of them is the Himalaya Birkin bag with a price tag of 300,000 dollars. That is not that expensive if you earn several hundreds of millions a year, like Jeffree Star. He even admitted to paying more than 20 million dollars in taxes a year. Jeffree Star owns several real estate properties, a house in Michigan, Calabasas, and more. Jeffree calls his home house in Calabasas where he lives with his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt. Some of their neighbors are Khloe Kardashian and Travis Barker. How rich is Jeffree Star can be summed by the fact that he has a private jet.

Interesting facts about Jeffree Star:

  • Jeffree Star is still very close with his grandma Mary who just turned 100 this year.
  • His favorite food might be Dominos. Jeffree has quite a sweet tooth. He adores sweets and has stashes of sweets all over his house.
  • Jeffree Star doesn’t drink alcohol, but he uses weed daily to calm his anxiety. He doesn’t use other drugs.
  • His zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • He did make up for Kim and Kylie Kardashian.
  • Jeffree Star has asthma.
  • He weighs only 73 kg. He is 185 cm tall.

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Jeffree Stars real name

His real name is Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star age and birth info

Jeffree Star is 38 years old. He was born on November 15, 1985 in Orange County, California

Jeffree Stars nationality is American. According to our sources His place of residence is Calabasas, California, United States with American citizenship.

Jeffree Stars height and weight

Find out newest information about Jeffree Stars height and weight:

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 73 kg.

How much money does Jeffree Star have?

Jeffree Star has a promising career as YouTuber. According to various sources like Wikipedia, net worth portals, and financial portals estimated net worth of Jeffree Star is

$75 million

Year Net worth
2021 TBA
2020 $40,000,000
2019 $30,000,000 
2018 $20,000,000

Where did Jeffree Star go to high school/college?

Jeffree Star went to Pacifica High School

What is His horoscope sign?

According to the astrology, the position of the planets when we were born affects our whole life in a specific way. To be better prepared for what’s to come many believe in horoscope. Stars have been affectionate to Jeffree Star, whose zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Social networks profiles

Youtube popularity

Jeffree Star joined YouTube on Feb 14, 2006. From that time Jeffree Stars profile accumulated more than 1,949,763,942 views and number of subscribers is 16.4 million.

Jeffree Stars parents

Jeffree Star is a son of Laurie Steininger (aunt) and Jeffrey Steininger Sr..

His mother name is Laurie Steininger (aunt).

His father  is Jeffrey Steininger Sr..

Was Jeffree Star married in the past? Is He currently married?

As per our research Jeffree Star was married with Nathan Schwandt (boyfriend since 2016). His last known partner is Nathan Schwandt .


Here are some of Jeffree Stars selected songs.

  • Beauty Killer
  • Prom night
  • Blush

His music genre is Electropop.


List of Jeffree Stars known films

  • The Secret World of Jeffree Star (2018) - 5 episodes (role: Himself)
  • The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star (2019) - 9 episodes (role: Himself)

Jeffree Stars car

Jeffree Stars car

Jeffree Stars house

Jeffree Stars house

Jeffree Stars body and other characteristics

  • Is Jeffree Star a smoker: smokes weed
  • Does He have other nicknames: unknown
  • Is He convicted: unknown
  • Meme: unknown
  • Favorite games: unknown
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Jeffree Stars signature: unknown
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: blonde
  • Jeffree Stars dress size: unknown
  • Jeffree Stars shoe size: unknown
  • Measurements: unknown
  • Sexual orientation: gay