Shaq is a YouTube star who made sudden success with the reaction type of videos. His channel is called NoLifeShaq, and it counts around 1.5 million subscribers. Considering that he joined YouTube at the end of 2016, that is an enormous accomplishment. The most popular videos he published include reactions on music videos of Lil Dicky – Earth, Logic - Homicide (feat. Eminem), Eminem – Fall, etc. Shaq is the person that puts a lot of time and effort to keep progressing on YouTube. He publishes two or three videos every day, and recently he started another YouTube channel with his girlfriend Jojo called Shaq and Jojo.  
Shaq was born on May 22, 1993. Even though he doesn’t want to reveal much, we found some information about his personal life. It is interesting that he didn’t want or plan to be a full-time YouTuber. Shaq has a college degree. In college, he met his now girlfriend Jojo that introduced him to the world of YouTube. Shaq and Jojo have a two-year-old son Kingston. They are not officially married, but they currently live together in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

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No Life Shaqs real name

His real name is Shaq.

No Life Shaq age and birth info

No Life Shaq is 30 years old. He was born on May 22, 1993 in unknown, United States

No Life Shaqs nationality is unknown. According to our sources His place of residence is Greenville, South Carolina, USA with unknown citizenship.

No Life Shaqs height and weight

Find out newest information about No Life Shaqs height and weight:

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown.

How much money does No Life Shaq have?

No Life Shaq has a promising career as youtuber. According to various sources like Wikipedia, net worth portals, and financial portals estimated net worth of No Life Shaq is $1 million .

What is His horoscope sign?

According to the astrology, the position of the planets when we were born affects our whole life in a specific way. To be better prepared for what’s to come many believe in horoscope. Stars have been affectionate to No Life Shaq, whose zodiac sign is Gemini.

Social networks profiles

Youtube popularity

No Life Shaq joined YouTube on Nov 29, 2016. From that time No Life Shaqs profile accumulated more than 248,004,638 views and number of subscribers is 1.5m.

How many children does the No Life Shaq has?

He has 1 kid/kids

Name(s) are: Kingston

Was No Life Shaq married in the past? Is He currently married?

As per our research No Life Shaq was not married. His last known partner is Jojo.

No Life Shaqs body and other characteristics

  • Is No Life Shaq a smoker: unknown
  • Does He have other nicknames: unknown
  • Is He convicted: unknown
  • Meme: unknown
  • Favorite games: unknown
  • Religion: unknown
  • No Life Shaqs signature: unknown
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: black
  • No Life Shaqs dress size: unknown
  • No Life Shaqs shoe size: unknown
  • Measurements: unknown
  • Sexual orientation: straight